Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2010

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

I've been going to this exhibition at London's Natural History Museum every year now for as long as I can remember - a good 10 years I would say. The photographs are beautifully displayed - huge and back lit - and visitors enjoy a background 'music' of whale voices and other natural sounds echoing through the high-vaulted, cavernous rooms of the majestic museum building. I've posted here some of my favourite shots from this year's competition.

The photographers come from all over the world, as does their work. There are Adult and Junior award categories - some of the children's work is truly incredible (see the beaver above). It always amazes me how far people are prepared to travel and what they have endured to get the perfect wildlife shot. Each pictures carries some detail on how the shot was achieved together with a location map and EXIF data, which I always study carefully! There's also a wide-screen video retrospective of previous years' competition entries.

Inspiring from many points of view, this is an international competition which makes you want to dive on a plane to somewhere wild and windswept in the hope of only being able to come close to what these photographers have achieved.


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