10 Ideas for Photography Projects

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

It's October already and the end of the year is in sight. With that my thoughts are turning to 2011's photography and what I might like to do following on from this year's Project 365. It's been a fantastic learning curve (more on that another time) and I'm keen to continue developing using a background of photo goals to keep me inspired.

Here are a quick selection of possibles for next year:

1. Self-Portrait Friday
Fairly obvious this one I guess - perhaps there could be flexibility on the day though

2. 12 Couples
A photo a month of pairs of people

3. London Bridges
24 bridges span the Thames in London, from Kew Bridge to Tower Bridge. I've always fancied having a go at compiling a photo record of each and learning a little bit of their history

4. 50/50
50 shots with a 50mm lens (could also be over 50 consecutive days, or on the 50th day of the year). My next purchase will be a 50mm lens, so this would be a good way to start experimenting with it

Slotshot put this one in my mind (thanks!). 100 photos of 100 people you don't know (with permission of course!)

6. Hearts
Already a favourite subject of mine - simply a collection of photos of heart-shaped objects, be they man-made or in nature

7. A-Z
This could be a set of 26 photos each representing a letter of the alphabet, or, more challengingly, 26 photos of objects in the
shape of each letter!

8. 100 Steps
Take 100 steps in any direction, take a picture, take another 100, take another picture and so on... until you get tired I guess!

9. Word of the Day/Week/Month
A shot or series of shots representing a particular word. Inspiration can be taken from various
websites which provide a daily word.

10. Project 7
7 pictures for 7 days on a chosen theme

I also came across the very interesting Anonymous Photography Project - disposable cameras are packaged up and left in various public places around the world. Instructions inform the opener that they should take pictures with the camera and mail it in the enclosed envelope. On receipt, developed photos are posted on the website. Fascinating and intriguing!

Many of the above ideas have Flickr groups, which are a fantastic way of sharing work and keeping on tracks with projects.

I'd love to have your feedback and suggestions for other projects!


  1. Claire - great ideas, and thanks for sharing! I enjoyed the 365 thing this year until I burned out ~8 or 9 months through. I like that these projects are smaller and thus seem more manageable. Might give a few of them a try myself. I personally like the 100 strangers, 50/50, and the word of the day/week/month ones the best. Good luck!

  2. I'm loving the new site Claire, so clean and shiny! And slick! Nice Job.

    Anyway, meanwhile I think the bridges at night would be best, I'd really love to see that and you're great at all that urban stuff.

    Which 50 will you be buying?

    I like the anon project too...kind of reminds me of this:


  3. I love all of your ideas, and would definitely want to try them out. I had wanted to start an A-Z, and a colour of the week series - they never happened. The 100 strangers is a fantastic project, but I'd be really apprehensive of going up to people and asking if they wouldn't mind being photographed - any tips on that?
    Winter is almost here and the weather has been miserable. I'm going to try flash photography and see what I can learn.
    And yeah, I'm planning to start a photo-travel club, starting with India (since that's my country of birth). Those are my ideas for 2011.. but I first need to get through my 365 project that's taking a beating! :(

  4. Great ideas! I gave up pretty easily on the 365 Project (shame), so something like these might be good for next year!


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