Day 290: 17th October

Monday, 18 October 2010


My first crop of carrots and parsnips. I know they look kind of strange, but I'm happy... All tips on getting carrots to grow in a carrot-shaped way gratefully received!!

1/30, F5, 36mm, ISO 100

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  1. Hi Claire, thanks for the blog and pictures... Very interesting :)
    Not being an english native speaker, I'll try to get you some gardener's advice in a sort-of-clear way... So to get your carrots to grow straight and large, my advice would be to make sure that you carefully plow the earth deep enough (30cm or deep at least) before seeding the ground, then make sure to carefully remove all stones that could be in there. Mix up your earth with some compost to get it lighter. Some sand can help too... :)
    OK I'm not such an impressive gardener anyway, but this is certainly not going to hurt!!! Keep us posted on your next crop!


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