Monday, 6 February 2012

6th February

This is a fantastic dinner, so quick and easy!
Easy Flatbreads with Houmous & Mint

You need:
Flatbreads, preferably wholemeal (I used Indian chapatis here)
Onions, sliced
Houmous (shop bought is fine, or make your own if you are keen)
Mince (veggies, like me, use Quorn mince)
Garlic oil
Fresh mint

To make:
1. Fry the onion and mince in a little of the garlic oil until the mixture begins to brown
2. Add a teaspoon or so of cinnamon and continue cooking a little longer
3. Meanwhile, warm the flatbreads in the oven
4. Spread each bread with a thick layer of houmous
5. Pile a good load of the mince mixture on top of the houmous
6. Sprinkle well with the chopped mint and you're good to go!


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