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Sunday, 12 February 2012

12th February

Oh my, what have we here?!  Mmm...this was always going to be a bit of a dodgy day of the challenge for me. One thing severely lacking in my life at the moment is a decent amount of wardrobe space. Hence the melee above.  Clockwise we've got:

...a sleeping bag, bought many years ago for my post sixth form inter-rail trip. Still hanging on in there, but not used that often these days to be honest

...a blue squishy neck pillow thingy. Very comfy, but again under-used. Note to self to get it out again later. I also have a green one - why?

...sunhat bought last summer in Greece. I like the colours and it folds up really well for travelling. Not much use at the moment in Blighty though, let's face it

...a multi-coloured soft fabric football which has a bell inside. I have no idea! I think it arrived with Mr DI one day and somehow took up residence. Jade is scared of it

...lastly, but most importantly, and what every girl needs, a pair of black patent heels. They are so comfortable, believe it or not, and go with just about anything. Recommended. Unless you're a guy of course...

So that's a quick tour of one of the few areas of my closet that are suitable for public viewing. The next project here at Casa DI might just be a bedroom makeover. If I can face the dust and the mess of course...

Catch you later! Tomorrow's theme: blue

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