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Thursday, 23 February 2012

23rd February

A strange thing happened to me last week when I was wearing these shoes.  I was browsing the womens' section of H&M in Oxford Circus, London, when a guy rushed up to me and enthusiastically asked me "Who designed your shoes?!"

I was kind of taken aback as I hadn't expected it at all.  Wishing I could say 'Jimmy Choo' or 'Prada' or something equally glamorous, "Err, Clarks..." I mumbled.  Now if you're British and of a certain age you'll know that Clarks is a brand which will forever be associated with sensible school shoes that your Mum loved but you hated.  These days things are different and I actually have quite a few nice pairs of shoes from Clarks, but there'll always be a little tinge of squareness in me about admitting to owning the brand.  

The (fashion design student) guy then went on to ask me, even more excitedly "What season are they?".  I must have looked a bit blank as he then qualified it with "This year?  Last year?".  "Last year" I replied, thinking 'I'm getting less and less cool here by the second...'.  "Great, thanks so much, you've really helped me" he retorted and in a flash was gone, swallowed back into the throng of Oxford Street.

I carried on with my browsing feeling kind of pleased that I must have some kind of style gene buzzing around in my brain.  Next time I'll make sure I'm wearing my Louboutins!!

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