Wednesday, 8 February 2012

8th February's theme was always going to be a bit tricky.  Unlike the project's author, I'm not living down under.  It's winter here and we haven't seen Mr Sun for a good few days now.  In fact today the sky was white with heavy clouds threatening snow.  So I thought I'd better use a bit of artistic licence and interpret 'sun' in a different way...

How weirdly the day turned out, probably the least 'lit' day I've had for a while: I got up this morning and the bathroom lightbulb decided to give up the ghost.  Next we had an emergency powercut at work so spent an hour in semi-darkness in the office.  It seemed like this sun thing just wasn't going to happen... So at lunchtime I took myself off to the John Lewis lighting department in a last ditch attempt to find something vaguely light/sun/yellow-themed, where this set of pendant lamps caught my eye.  Yellow? Yes.  Round? Yes. Sunlike?  You decide!

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