Stateside: NYC

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Love New York!
This was our second visit, a stop off on the way back to London from Bogota last October.
Wanna see some of my best shots?


The High Line 
A public park built on an historic freight rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side. It wasn't open last time we were in NYC so we were keen to take a stroll along this new public walkway.

Closed last time for an international conference, so another site on our hit list second time round.

Tons of great performing arts going on here. Cue 'Fame' theme tune!

Washington Square Park
Only in NYC! How did he get the piano there? Does he do it every day? How cool!


Thoughts of jacking it all in in London for a job on the Lower East Side..?

It was a few weeks to go before Halloween, but folks in the Brownstone Houses start prepping early in NYC...

Another long hike back up through Manhattan to our hotel was rewarded by this night-time view of the famous Flatiron Building. My feet were killing me, but I couldn't miss the photo opp!

We returned to the Met as we loved it last time and there is SO much to see. Let me tell you that place is just h-u-g-e! I'd read about the great views from the cafe on the top floor, and boy, were they justified - check out Central Park in the late afternoon sunshine - simply gorgeous!

Can you spot us?

                                         Back inside, splendid work by Tiffany...

We queued for a good half hour to get into the 'pay what you wish' night at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Fabulous stuff, even the entrance hall ceiling was stunning. Mr DI was in rapture by this stage!

The Empire State Building turned Italian that night - still not sure why, but it looks pretty cool, huh?

Moving down to the bottom of the island, we visited the National Museum of the American Indian. Another cool building, and loads of interesting pictures and artefacts from a people I've long held a fascination for.

And finally, before heading back to JFK to board our flight to London, we walked around the site of the former World Trade Center. How things have changed since 2009 when we were first here. The memorial had recently opened (you can just glimpse the trees here) and there was a vibe of growth and positivity in the air. Last time we were here I felt a real emptiness and was moved to tears by the sheer vastness of the space and the scale of the loss of life that took place here. When you're in NYC there's a kind of dilemma about whether or not to go there, at least that's what we felt, but it's so much a part of the city and her story that you just get drawn there. It sure makes you think about the preciousness of life, I can tell you.

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