The Yellow of Springtime

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Loving spring - it's my favourite season. Those fresh green leaves that appear and last just a few weeks and the welcome appearance of flowers from bulbs that have been hiding away underground for a whole year.  Best of all the daffodil - so bright and cheery, and the colour of sunshine!


 Last autumn I decided to plant a swath of these lovely ladies around the curve of my lawn.  I've waited eagerly all winter, anxiously at times as the squirrels were sniffing around suspiciously.  But here they are finally in all their springtime glory...

I also added a few to my window boxes at the front of the house - a lovely sight to come home to each day!

What's your favourite springtime flower?

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  1. Beautiful flowers, beautiful pictures!!
    I so love springtime in Europe :)
    And my favorite flower?? Tulips!!

    Have a nice evening!


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