Saturday, 23 June 2012

Inspired by our recent trip to Chicago, when we happened upon a Farmers' Market one morning while we waited for the Contemporary Art Museum to open, I bought some peonies on our return. They were in abundance at the outdoor market and it reminded me how much I love their big, blousy blooms and their perfumed scent.

More on Chicago coming soon...


  1. Such beautiful photos - peonies are my favourite flower, I think because my grandmother grew them and I love how their heads become so heavy with petals that whole plant collapses under the weight of it's beauty. Now living in Australia, they're so expensive I can never justify buying a bunch... I love the idea of 'an abundance' of them at the farmers market - I hope you really enjoyed them!

    It's a pleasure to *meet* your lovely blog!

    Catherine @ The Spring (in Sydney)

    1. Thanks Catherine! They're not so cheap here in the UK actually, but this bunch was on special so I just couldn't resist ; )


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