A Londoner's Perspective on the Games

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Have you heard?  The greatest show on earth is coming to town!

On the eve of London 2012, the city is electric, suspended in a kind of weird anticipation, hot, busy, full of new people and new rules to abide by.

It's been a funny few days, an odd combination of the excitement of living in the city during this historical time, and the annoyance, as a Londoner, of feeling bossed about from pillar to post by announcements, signs and people in 2012 uniforms with clipboards, when all you want to do is mind your own business and get to work and back.

Today I saw the torch relay as it came along Oxford Street, just round the corner from where I work.  The streets were filled with people - smiling, happy, full of anticipation.  Even the rooftops were packed as workers escaped their offices for the best views in the house.

Finally the moment arrived...

And was gone in a flash!  Couldn't even see the person (man? woman?) who was carrying the torch.  Note to self: there may be a niche market for fold up stepladders that fit into camera bags...

London is adorned, magnificently, you can't help but be impressed and feel just a teensy bit excited...

And yet, there are some annoyances - I can practically recite the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson's, 'get ahead of the games' speech, currently blasting out in stations, trains and buses all over the capital.  We are constrained by the special 'Games Lanes' and blinded by enormous pink signs on every corner directing us to the various Olympic venues.

Still, it's only for a few weeks and the experience of feeling and being part of something so much bigger than ourselves kind of tips the balance for me: this is history in the making.

We're heading out to the Olympic Park next weekend to go up the Orbit (I'm hoping to get some good shots of the whole place from up there) and watch some hockey.  I'll be posting all about what will hopefully be an amazing day, so watch this space!

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