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Friday, 19 October 2012

Lift your head as you walk around a city and often you'll be rewarded for your trouble.

No more so than just round the corner from Piccadilly Circus in London. Find the fountain and statue of the Horses of Helios, then raise your eyes skyward and you will catch a glipse of three golden lovelies diving gracefully down towards you...

Created in 1992, by artist and sculptor Rudy Weller, these ladies are the Daughters of Helios, but are often referred to by Londoners as The Three Graces.
They take their flight from the roof of the Criterion Building and are made of guilded aluminium.  Beautiful, aren't they?
Rudy Weller also owns The Artesian Well bar in Clapham, south London - who knew?!
So next time you're out and about, look up my friends, and you shall be rewarded ♥

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