The Legend of the Sand Dollar

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year and hello from South America!  We're enjoying the last few days of a lovely long holiday here, which we've spent with Mr DI's family.  After a couple of weeks in Bogota, we're now in Cartagena on the Caribbean coast, enjoying some much needed R&R in the sunshine.

Of course the camera's been out and about with me.  The beach here is very sandy, almost deserted, with a nice array of shells to browse, so I've been collecting for my jar. I've come across one here that I've never seen before 'in the wild', that is the sand dollar.  There are quite a few, tucked gently into the sand on the shore, washed up overnight.  Here they call them Sea Cookies, I guess because of the shape.

Doing a bit of research, I came across some stories about the sand dollar.  I especially like this one:

'Christ left the sand dollar as a symbole to help evangelists teach the faith.  The five holes represent the five wounds of Christ received while on the cross: four nail holes and the hole made by the Roman's spear.  In the centre of one side of the sand dollar, there is the Easter lily and in the middle of the lily is the star of Bethlehem.  The Christmas poinsetta is on the other side, which is a reminder of Christ's birth.  

If you break the sand dollar open, there are five white pieces of shell which look like doves.  These are said to bring good will and peace'.

So, wishing you good will and peace for the coming year from the beaches of Colombia.  I'll be posting some more pictures from the trip soon.

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