Decoupage for Beginners

Saturday, 23 March 2013

*Sigh* It's snowing again in London - again!  It's nearly April, where are you spring?!

So while we're holed up in the warm, what better time for a little Saturday morning craft project and some photography?  Add a warming mug of hot chocolate and we're all set to forget about what's going on outside... 

Decoupage Heart

What you need:
* Paper mache heart (available from craft shops)
* Glue brush
* Glossy glue varnish
* Decoupage paper of your choice
* Scissors

How to do it:

1. Cut or tear your paper into squares.  I'm loving this vintage-style flower pattern.

2. Brush glue onto the heart, be generous and use plenty. Then stick on your first piece of paper.  There's no right or wrong way, just wherever you feel like putting it.  Press the paper onto the heart with the brush, then apply a layer of glue on top of the paper as well.

3. Keep going in this way until you've completely covered the heart with paper and glue.

4. Allow to dry and you're done!

It's very easy and pretty quick to do once you get the hang of it.  A nice idea for making Easter decorations I think!

Do you have any crafty projects you like to get into when the weather outside's less than inviting?

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