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Saturday, 16 March 2013

A little something today from the kitchen...

Do you like a bit of spice in your life?  Some heat in your cooking?  Or are you a simple soul, who enjoys plainer, cleaner tasting food?

I like to experiment with flavours in the kitchen.  I have a small herb garden outside, growing in an old butler's sink, which keeps me going with hardy basics (parsley, thyme, rosemary) throughout the year, and comes to life with tender basil, chives and coriander during the summertime.  I also have a potted oregano and a chocolate mint plant, which makes a deliciously warming infusion.

I do have my favourites though, the little things that should always be kept to hand and can be thrown into so many dishes.

I love a good olive oil, so versatile for cooking with and for sexing up a simple salad. One of my favourites is infused with garlic, which gives it a lovely depth and saves crushing up whole cloves if you're short of time - and that's my kind of cooking! I guess it's pretty easy to make yourself so I might give that a go soon.

You can't beat a grind or two of fresh pepper on your pasta. I usually buy mixed peppercorns which I find have a more varied flavour, plus they look prettier in your pepper mill!

And how about dear old cinnamon? The sticks are great and help make fantastic mulled wine in the winter, but I always like to have a jar of the ground stuff to hand as well - it's a wonderful topping for a cup of warm almond milk in the evening.


And no self-respecting kitchen could be without salt, could it? Actually I don't use it that often really, but when I do, I like the real stuff that I can grind in my salt mill or sprinkle on by hand.

I have too many other herbs and spices in my store cupboad to mention, patiently sitting in their pots waiting for the next recipe that calls them to use, but these few are my failsafes, that I always make sure I'm stocked up with.

What are your go-to condiments?

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