Springtime is on the way!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

There's a definite scent of spring starting to creep into my part of London ~ lighter mornings and leaving work before it gets dark, yipee!

So time to get those Hunters on and start exploring the garden and see what the new season is bringing...

Some leaves are starting to appear on Cleo's rose ~ I love the fresh greens and pinks you only get right at the beginning of springtime.  It won't be long before buds appear then open up into beautiful blousy cream-coloured flowers. 
And of course my mini daffodils are injecting a much needed pop of brightness which so seasonally signals the end of winter.

Sadly, no-one has moved into the beehouse this season, I think it was put up a little late and the bees had already sorted out their winter residences by then.  I've got my eye on it though...
Coming next time...new camera update and some technical stuff for the geeks amongst us!

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