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Thursday, 7 March 2013

So after a bit too much procrastination and a bit more penny saving, I finally took the plunge and upgraded my trusty Canon a Canon 650D. I went for a body-only deal so I've kept all my EOS lenses and other kit.

Why the upgrade?
~> I felt as though I had reached the limits of the 450D and I wanted more in certain areas such as ISO capability and resolution
~> Technology has moved on quite a bit since I invested in my previous DSLR (which came out in 2008)
~> I wanted to reboot my photography learning curve and move myself forward a bit more

Choosing the 650D
I'm a Canon girl, always have been. I like the feel of their cameras and I'm familiar with the settings, which are broadly similar across the range. This is my 4th Canon. A lot of photography folk I know have the 50D and seem to get good results, so I started out in that direction, thinking perhaps of the latest version in that group, the 60D. I would have loved to have gone for a 5D Mark II, but honestly speaking I can't justify the price at the moment!

After a bit of Internet research and browsing, I took myself off to a couple of local camera shops at lunchtime to have a look at various models in the flesh and see what advice I could get from the guys in the know.

Cameraworld in Wells Street were great. The guy I talked to really knew his stuff, and brought the 650D to my attention.  He showed me both cameras, taking me through the pros and cons of each model. The conclusion really was that unless I was going to be using the camera in a lot of adverse weather (the 60D is weather sealed), there wasn't much in it. What swung it for me was the 650D feels that little bit lighter and smaller - although it is still larger than my previous 450D. I also found out that because the 650D is a newer model (June 2012, as opposed to the 60D, August 2010) you are getting that bit better technology for your money - and things are moving on quickly.  The 650D also has a swing out touch screen, which the 60D doesn't ~ I can't say I was especially mad for that, but it's kind of cool to have anyway!

So here's what I've got now compared to before:

Advantages of Canon 650D over Canon 450D

This screenshot is from, a great little site I found which compares camera models without getting into too much waffle.

I'm looking forward to testing out some of the features of the 650D over the next few weeks and posting about them here on the blog, so keep checking back.

What thought processes do you go through when you're upgrading your camera, or any other gadget for that matter?

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