Date Night

Monday, 15 April 2013

Date Night (noun, informal)
pre-arranged occasion on which an established couple go for a night out together.


As part of my ongoing mission to do more new things and get the most out of life, this concept, which I read about online recently, inspired me. And how about this cool this idea for picking the dates..?

How to Make a Date Night Jar

You just need a few simple things that you probably have lying around at home. I got my crafts sticks online from Ebay, £1.89 for 50. Alternatively, you could buy and eat a stack of Magnum ice creams and recycle the sticks from those - now we're talking!

Any pens will do, you can colour code your different types of activities if you want, I just swapped between them randomly.

So, grab your pens, your sticks and your list of date ideas (agree these with your other half first perhaps?!) and get scribbling...

When you've built up a good old pile of them, pop them in the jar and you're done - simple!

It's a good idea to set the 'rules' for the date jar. This is what we agreed:

* Take it in turns to be the picker or the chooser

* The picker picks a stick and the choosers chooses the details of the date (e.g. which movie, what kind of food)
* The picker elects the day and time for the date (it doesn't have to be an evening and/or a weekend)
* The next date is chosen soon after the previous one to allow a bit of time for thinking and planning
* A date night can only be the two of us, so no hangers-on allowed!

Have you tried something like this? If you have any cool ideas for dates, drop them in the comments box below - and keep it clean people, please! ; )

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