In Praise of the Photo

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I've been thinking a lot recently about how far into everyday life the photo has planted itself.

Pictures have always been important to me, from the time of my first little camera, given to me by my Mum and Dad in 1981, I've snapped and documented my way through the years and now it's a real pleasure to look back through old pictures of times past, of people loved, cherished, some now lost. I think you have to live a good few years before photo retrospection gains any real value - when you can look back and things really do seem like a lifetime ago.

There was a time when I was the only one amongst friends who had a camera wherever we went. I was a bit obsessive about getting photos of things we did and places we went, of key moments as we grew up. I so value that now as my pictures bring back so many memories to be laughed and reminisced over a coffee and catch up. A random night out that no-one remembers but for the photos. Don't you just love that feeling of 'OMG remember THAT?!'

I recently had a big birthday and to mark the occasion I put together the same number of photos as years I'd lived. I printed them and put them in an album (something I've not done for a long time now). I had a great trip down memory lane I can tell you. I took the album out to my birthday meal with around 20 of my closest friends - what a great ice breaker and talking point it was!

Fast forward a bunch of years and take a look around - now everyone has a camera to hand, be it mobile, compact or DSLR. So many DSLRs around these days!  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr...the list of places to post shots and share is endless. Budding photographers are springing up all over the place and it's wonderful - posting, sharing, learning, experiencing other people's lives and maybe trying out a few of their ideas for yourself.

Love photos. Love memories. Love sharing. Love life!

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