A Country Corner ~ in London

Friday, 24 May 2013

If, like me, you aren't a born and bred city dweller, but more of a country person at heart, you might find yourself craving some wilderness from time to time and longing to escape from the city for a while...

...to wide open spaces where you can breathe deeply, see the sky and hear nothing but birdsong and the leaves rustling in the trees.

Somewhere to amble along sandy paths and maybe climb over a stile or two...

For me, nearby South Norwood Country Park in South London ticks all the boxes. Here you can lose yourself in 116 acres of greenness, meadows and wetlands.

The views are stunning. Yes, you can glimpse the city and the docklands, but only through the mass of green calmness all around you...

Selfishly admire the meadowy fields, the countryside hedgerows and the wild flowers - there'll be hardly a soul to share them with I can promise!

There are no cafes or manicured lawns here so come prepared to relax with a picnic basket, a blanket and maybe a pillow or two.

This is a great place to ramble, cycle, play, run or simply just be. Everyone I have taken there has been amazed at the wildness of it all - I just can't recommend it enough!

Do you have your own private wilderness nearby where you can escape to?

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