House Beautiful Magazine visits The Digital Iris

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Saturday was a very exciting day in the Digital household ~ we spent the day doing a photo shoot with House Beautiful Magazine for a feature about the refurbishment of our living room.

I really didn't know what to expect from the experience, and if I'm honest I felt a little nervous about the whole thing. I was going to be interviewed and photographed for a major interiors magazine ~ what was I going to say? What were they going to take pictures of? What was I going to wear?

But my fears soon disappeared when the lovely stylist (Bethan) and photographer (Penny) arrived and immediately put me at ease with their down-to-earth friendliness.

I was of course very interested in Penny's camera equipment and in seeing how she worked from the shot to her laptop to make the most of the room (and me!) and select the best images. She used a kind of mini tent on a tripod to house the Mac and allow her to see the pictures she'd taken more easily by reducing external light sources. I was quite surprised at how little kit she brought with her, only really using a light reflector for a couple of shots. This was mainly due to the small size of the room and the fact that the large bay window in the room gives quite good natural light.

After each batch of shots, Penny transferred the pictures from her memory card to the Mac and we reviewed them together to make sure they were good enough quality and fitted the brief that the magazine had given Bethan ~ they had asked for a list of specific shots (wide angles, details, me(!) and so on).

Bethan brought a number of 'props' with her to help dress the room, including a lovely bunch of flowers. The props also included a packet of choccie biscuits, which we managed to polish off between us in a fairly short space of time ~ this was becoming my kind of photo shoot!!

When it came to the 'owner' shots (the moment I had been dreading!), at first I found it a bit difficult to relax and be natural ~ you don't normally have someone pointing a huge lens at you when you're sitting on your sofa, even in the Digital household! But with Bethan's help, smiling and chatting to me, we managed to pull off some pretty good pictures which we were all happy with. I was really glad that they were both open to me seeing the shots and saying if I didn't like them ~ imagine having a totally awful photo of yourself end up in an article which might be seen by 200,000+ people!!

By the end of the day we were all chatting away like old friends. Social media contacts and blogs were exchanged, and I hope to go along to the 2013 Blognic next month, where I'll meet other London bloggers.

After Penny had taken all the shots she needed, there was a short interview with Bethan for the article, to talk more about how we planned the room and the inspiration behind it. From her notes she'll write the copy to accompany Penny's pictures in the magazine.

All being well the feature should be appearing in the October 2013 edition of House Beautiful Magazine (on sale in early September), so watch that space!


  1. Cool! Get you, you style guru! Nice lounge too!

  2. Why thank you kind Sir - we aim to please!


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