House Beautiful Photo Shoot - What I Wore

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Well, this post might make you laugh a bit, I'm giggling as I write it!

One of the main questions people have been asking me about the weekend's photo shoot with House Beautiful Magazine is 'What did you wear?'

I guess it is quite an important thing to think about when what you're basically doing is broadcasting yourself to a large number of magazine readers, who by their very interest in interiors and beautiful things, might also be curious, and dare I say it, possibly a bit judgmental about the owners of the houses as well as the houses themselves...

I asked Bethan, the stylist, beforehand if there were any guidelines as to what one should wear for this kind of thing.  She advised not too much black, nothing too summery (the feature is due out in the September edition of the magazine) and try not to match yourself with your furniture (hmm!).  Of course, when I finally got round to thinking about what I would wear ~ and I put it off to the very last moment I can tell you ~ I looked in my wardrobe and everything suddenly seemed to match in some way the colours in the living room! Minor panic...and by then all the shops were closed.

So this is what I decided on in the end, after a bit of consulting with friends and colleagues:

Demin jeans, Uniqlo / Breton top, Gap / Cargidan, Monsoon / Patent pumps, Accessorise / Swallow chain, Oliver Bonas

I wanted to keep it casual and comfortable, nothing too baggy or shapeless, a neutral navy/denim base and some simple, but pretty jewellery. I did end up with a bit of colour matching via my cardigan ~ we have a lime green rug in the room ~ but actually it looked fine and helped me to blend in rather than stick out in the photos ~ and I was all for a bit of blending in here, believe me!

I felt comfortable in what I'd chosen and was happy with my final 'look'. Plus I knew that if I hadn't felt right I could've just popped next door to the bedroom and had a quick change!

Have you ever had to put together an outfit before an event or when you were going to be seen by lots of people? What were your considerations when choosing what to wear?

We're back to normal now in the Digital household after all the excitement of Saturday. I've got another non-traditional pizza recipe coming up soon, so keep tuned for that!

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