Blognic 2013 ~ the Day the Sun Shone

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

I had a lovely afternoon on Sunday. We were blessed with mighty fine weather here in London, just perfect for a picnic. So that's what happened! I went along to my first bloggers meet-up, Blognic, and spent a really enjoyable afternoon chatting and picnicking in Regent's Park. Loved it!

A simply gorgeous location, so exclusive and pretty I can't bring myself to share exactly where it is, so you'll just have to make do with some pretty pictures instead...

Summer has arrived! It almost never happens in the UK that you plan an outside event and then get the weather you were hoping for ~ not so at Blognic!

I met a wonderful group of bloggers, genuinely lovely, interesting people...

Surprisingly everyone was quite coy about their own blog, no corporate pretentiousness here! We talked about tons of different stuff, not just blogging. There were quite a few London newbies, so it was fun to exchange stories and give and receive tips for living the good life in the capital.

And of course, as it was a picnic, we enjoyed some rather delicious food...Ladies (and gent), you were talking my language!!


My only annoyance on this beautiful day...why doesn't my garden look this damn good?!

I came away from Blognic feeling refreshed and inspired ~ in fact I was positively flying on the energy! It was brilliant to meet other bloggers 'in real life' and make connections with people like me. It can be hard to get to know new people in a city, even when you've lived there a long time like me. I'll definitely be at Blognic next year ~ with bells on!

Special thanks to Bethan, Lynne & Ellie for organizing the day and generally being fab.
Check out other bloggers' impressions of the day on Twitter #blognic and Michelle's cool video over at My Creative.


  1. This looks like such a great meet up! Too bad I missed it. Hope I can make it next time. Thanks for sharing your pictures, they look great.

    1. Thank you! Hope to see you next time : )

  2. It was lovely to have met you on the day. I totally agree with you on how refreshing it was to meet genuinely nice folk from the creative industry! Looking forward to more of these events in the future! Great photos too - love the close up ones in particular! :)

    1. Yey ~ roll on next year! Or maybe there'll be a winter version...?


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