Thursday, 27 June 2013

During our recent road trip through Pennsylvania we had the joy of visiting Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece ~ Fallingwater.

Idyllically set in rural Fayette County, this house is a real treat, a fabulous blend of house and nature. I can only imagine how amazing it must have been to live there!

The house is built partly over a waterfall on Bear Run, a tributary of the Youghiogheny River and is listed in the Smithsonian as one of 28 places to visit before you die. And when you are there you can really understand why...

Fallingwater is one of a number of projects that marked a revival in Wright's architecture during the 1930s. The house was completed in 1935.

The setting, as you've probably already gathered, is stunning. Green, green, green!

To reach the house you walk down through the woods, breathing in cool, clean air and admiring the beauty of the trees which surround you.
Inside is an equal delight. I loved the colours and the coziness of the blankets and the cushions in the main living space...

The attention to detail is fantastic. Just look at these shelves!

This writing lamp...

And how about these amazing windows!

Loving the vintage butterfly chair...

A few cute things caught my eye as well...

I'm no architect (that's Mr DI's department!), but this place wowed me!

Even my current sculpture crush was indulged...

And if you're wondered how it sounds to be in a house built over a waterfall...

I really enjoyed our visit to Fallingwater ~ such a gorgeous rural hideout. Have you visited or stayed in an unusual house that you wouldn't mind living in?

See more inside Fallingwater here.


  1. Great place (and shots) check out Cesar Marique on the island of Lanzarote. Architecturally interesting and also 60s cool.

    1. Saul, yes, I've been to the Manrique Foundation in Lanzarote, it's great. Also worth a visit is his Mirador restaurant on La Gomera, that's amazing!


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