Ohiopyle, PA

Monday, 17 June 2013

Howdy! We're back on dry land after a week away. Somewhat jet lagged, but happy to be home and ready to bring you some new posts.

After a few days in Washington we rented a car and headed further into Pennsylvania on the trail of Frank Lloyd Wright (more coming soon on that). We spent a night in the tiny town of Ohiopyle, next to the Youghiogheny River ~ just try and get your tongue around those names!

It was truly a one-horse kind of place, really tiny with just a main street, a church, a couple of places to eat and an enormous river. Apparently the population was 59 at the 2010 census...

Canoeing, rafting, biking and walking are all popular in this part of Fayette County, which brings Ohiopyle a steady influx of tourists.

You can cross the river on the charming old railroad bridge ~ a newer track runs nearby. Goods trains pass frequently through the town, letting off long low blasts of their horns. Yep, all through the night too!

I especially enjoyed the signage in the town and the great retro vibe going on...

Get your ice here...

Anyone know what 'Blood Drive' might be?

We breakfasted early in the local diner which played fantastic country style music, before heading back onto the road for the next leg...

It was short and sweet, but Ohiopyle was definitely a highlight of the trip!


  1. A blood drive is an organized effort to get blood donations from volunteers for use in medical contexts. I'm American so I'm completely used to the phrase, but having someone ask what it means makes me stand back and consider the phrase: it does sound completely weird! I wonder what your guesses were about the meaning?

    1. I did think it might be that but I wasn't completely sure so thanks so clarifying! Here in the UK we know it as 'giving blood'. I thought for a moment it could be some kind of unusual game or event, but then the 12-6 time didn't really fit with that idea...It's interesting to learn these different terms we use even when we speak the same language!


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