Feeling Rosy!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I first began walking in Regent's Park in spring this year. This was part of a resolution to get out more often at lunchtimes to clear my head, stretch my legs and breathe!

At that time the air was thick with the scent of cherry blossom and the gardens were full of daffodils and tulips. I was wearing my thick cream Reiss coat, complimented on one day by a Japanese tourist also taking pictures of springtime in London!

The rose garden in Queen Mary's Garden was full to bursting with so many different varieties, I made a mental note to come back in the summer to see those beauties in full bloom.

And so last week I did just that...

Some roses stood taller than me!

Each variety is named with its own plaque...

It's such a lovely place to stop and sit a while...

Just look at the colours in this flower!

You can imagine how fragrant the air is in this floral jungle, it really is a lovely place for a wander if you happen to be passing... Do you have a beautiful public garden close to where you work or live?

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