Lavender's Blue ~ Visiting Mayfield

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Last weekend we discovered an absolutely lovely place...

I first heard about Mayfield Lavender Field from a friend who'd been there. The weather was so warm on Saturday that Mr DI & I decided although we wanted to go out and make the most of it, we didn't want to venture too far, and certainly not back into the heat of the city where we both spend our 9 to 5 all week.

Mayfield is just 30 minutes' drive from us, so it seemed the perfect choice for an afternoon out.

And boy, was it something!

I had been expecting a field at the end of a track, but in fact we came around a bend in the road and suddenly there it was ~ a huge, huge purple-blue field, full of people and sunshine. Breathtaking!

The field was first planted in 2002. The lavender is organically grown and the farm received Soil Association status in 2009.

I've always wanted to visit the lavender fields of Provence, but I've never quite made it as the peak season for the flowers is quite short. This year in the UK our late spring has set everything back and luckily for us our visit hit exactly the right weekend for a glorious display of purple perfection...

Honestly, we could have been in southern France, the heat of the day and the scent of the lavender as we walked thorough the rows and rows of planting was just incredible...

The perfume all around was divine! I'm a real fan of lavender essential oil for promoting relaxation, so this was like floating through a cloud of loveliness for me...

The bees are pretty happy here too!

There is a picnic area under the large tree, where you can stop and rest awhile as you journey through the mass of fragrant colour...

The farm also has its own shop and cafe, selling homegrown and produced lavender products, drinks and snacks. We refreshed in the shade with sips of lavender lemonade...

Visiting Mayfield was a really lovely experience, something a little bit different and quite awe-inspiring in its size, vibrant colour and perfumed air ~ just fabulous! I am now set on making that trip to Provence before too long...

Have you ever stumbled across a hidden gem of a field near where you live?

For directions and more information on Mayfield, click here.


  1. Oh my goodness, I would be all over this if I lived in the UK! Thanks for the pretty photos. I love the smell of lavender, and the taste of it too!

    1. It really is special. They sell lavender biscuits, cupcakes and biscuits in the shop : )


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