Taking Time Out

Friday, 19 July 2013

Things have been pretty crazy at work for me recently. We've had more summer students at the school than ever before and soaring temperatures in London have made the working day a little hard going to say the least. Just one more big week to go then we are on the home run and things will begin to ease off and quieten down a bit.

So amongst all the chaos what better time to reflect back on the calmness found during last month's US road trip?

During the week we drove from Washington DC inland into Pennsylvania, spending a couple of days exploring Frank Lloyd Wright's works, before moving on to Philadelphia for the last part of our trip. See what we got up to in WashingtonOhiopyle and Philadelphia.

We broke the first leg of the journey from Washington to Ohiopyle by stopping off for a picnic lunch in Green Ridge State Forest.

It was a Tuesday afternoon, so there were very few people about. We pulled off the freeway and happened upon a secluded viewpoint, which was just charming...

So beautiful and tranquil...

We felt as if we were walking above the tree tops...

The sun shone as we kicked back and enjoyed our lunch and a welcome stretch of our legs after a long morning of driving...

We'd found our own private oasis!

Now, when I'm rushing about like a mad thing, with barely a moment to grab something to eat, I think back to this lovely place, breathe and remember that life really is beautiful!

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