Lucky Shots

Friday, 9 August 2013

Have you ever taken a shot which has turned out really well or proved really popular, even though you didn't plan it at all? A quick snap that's really stood the test of time?

My most 'successful' photograph to date is this one of a tree reflected in a puddle. Taken quickly one working lunchtime in 2010 as part of my Project 365, it was shortlisted in the final 10 of the Urban category of The Guardian's iStockphoto Britain iS Competition. I entered the competition on a whim and was amazed to be shortlisted. It didn't win, but hey, that was pretty good going for a random shot!

Cromwell Road, South Kensington, London

This next picture has had the most hits for me on Flickr. To be fair I did spend a bit of time on it with my close-up lenses, but the result isn't that great in my opinion ~ but apparently people think otherwise!

Grape Hyacinth

This random door photo has also been a Flickr winner for me, goodness knows why...

South Kensington, London

Sometimes a shot proves popular because it's a little unusual. Again, these two pictures were taken very quickly with no planning whatsoever...

Rainy train window

Rue de La Paix, Paris
It goes to show that interesting and likeable photos don't always have to be planned and orchestrated with military precision ~ sometimes that lucky shot proves to be the one that just keeps on rocking!


  1. Yes, I find it very strange myself. Your puddle shot I remember and still think it's really great. My most popular shot on Flickr is this one and I am quite pleased with it:

    but this has the most views:

    Personally, the one I like the best of all my images...well this one, big it looks like a painting, and it brings back memories or good nosh!

    1. Isn't it funny how our own perceptions differ from those of others? I guess that photos can never really convey the true feeling and atmosphere of the photographer's experience and everyone has their own personal take when they view a picture, based on their past.


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