Vintage Address Press

Monday, 19 August 2013

I have a bit of vintage love for you today!

This address press belonged to my Grandparents and was given to me recently by my Mum.

I remember it well from my childhood ~ I loved it! It was one of those things I always liked to look at when we visited...together with a box of buttons.

Grandma and Grandad would use this little gadget to emboss their address at the top of letters. To my young mind it was fascinating ~ I loved how in one quick press with your hand it raised the paper and hey presto, the lettering appeared!

Actually, I still love that about it today! And the address itself is precious to us as a family ~ the house where my Grandparents lived all their married lives (60 years!), where my Mum grew up and where I spent a good few summers as a child.

Sadly we don't really have need of such a thing in today's world ~ when was the last time you wrote a letter? In any case, it's not something we do very often nowadays, is it?

I love the shape and pleasing weight of the stamp. And from time to time, I still put a piece of paper into it and press out those familiar letters...

Do you have an unusual family object which you remember from your childhood?

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