Photographying Babies & Young Children

Monday, 30 September 2013

With an ever expanding family in Colombia, each time we visit I'm finding more and more opportunities to get some shots of the youngest members as they grow. 

We all love to share photos of those special moments and of course look back again and again at our photo memories as the years pass.

Here are a few tips on how to get the best shots of youngsters.

Getting right down to the same level as the baby will give you the best angles. A fixed aperture lens (I used a 50mm here) helps you to focus on the eyes, which are always the key to any great portrait shot.

It's useful to have a few toys or tricks up your sleeve which you know will make the baby smile. Perhaps have someone else on hand to help you so you can concentrate on working your camera...

Don't forget those small details like tiny hands and feet!

Shooting from a few different angles and in various locations will give you a nice range of final shots to choose from...

Young Children
The best occasions for getting good pictures of children are when they are engaged in something they are enjoying doing. You may not get a big smile, but you will capture some lovely moments!

If you are able to get the child to turn slightly towards you, you'll get a nicer perspective than a shot taken from directly in front...

In both cases, make sure you take lots of pictures, perhaps even using continuous shooting mode to capture as many different expressions and poses as you can, and immortalise the more candid moments when something unusual happens ~ these are the shots that we come to love and share with our family and friends over and over again.

With thanks to the lovely Manuela, Isabella and Juan Ignacio, and to their parents for allowing me to use my pictures of them for this post.

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