A Flying Visit to Paris

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

I popped over the Channel to Paris on Saturday. Crazy? Probably. Fun? Most certainly!

It was an early start for a weekend morning, but before I knew it the Eurostar was zipping into the outskirts of the city and even the shape of the house windows was making me feel excited.

I'm a bit of a Francophile, having studied the language at university and spent time living and working in Bordeaux. I've not managed to get back as much as I'd like to have in recent years so when Michelle decided to organise one of her Eat & Snap walkshops en France, I just couldn't say no. France AND photos? I was so there!

There are many things about Paris that I love: the particular shape of the buildings and the windows, the café culture, the food, even the smell of the place. It's. Just. Great.

We started in the usual way by ensconcing ourselves in a café, where Michelle took us through the different aspects of using manual camera settings and showed us examples of composition styles.

Suitably prepped and watered, we headed out to practice and soak up the Parisian atmosphere...


We slowly made our way down towards the river...with lots of questions for Michelle as we went along! Her simple and clear approach really helped me to get a better handle of the different camera settings and how these can be used together to create the picture I have in my mind. 

There's so much to think about to get a really great shot, it does take a lot of time and thought to get it right. Once you are able to put the creative and technical sides together you've moved mountains!

I love that you'll always see something a little different in Paris. A local in his dressing gown popping to the bakery for a baguette, a group of nuns hurrying about their business, a chap in a top hat for no special reason...

Once down by the Seine, we came to one of my favourite areas, where they sell plants and flowers...

How adorable are these mini troughs and watering cans?

I wanted to stay longer. I wanted to get my chops around some more delicious French food. Have a glass of vin rouge. Pop into a gallery. Climb the Eiffel Tower. Watch the sun setting from Monmartre. Buy a baguette in my dressing gown...

But I had a train to catch. The best thing about a day in Paris? Savouring it all so much that you immediately start hatching a plan to go back soon...very soon. 

Thanks so much to Michelle for organising the day and to my fellow snappers for being such good company.
For more info about Michelle's work, visit her website.

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