November Challenge ~ Part 2

Monday, 25 November 2013

Day 13 ~ On the move

Day 14 ~ Reading

Day 15 ~ Shadow

Day 16 ~ Sunset

Day 17 ~ Lying in

Day 18 ~ Arranged

Day 19 ~ Favourite

Day 20 ~ Black & white


  1. I love all your photos from the challenge. That quilt is so pretty as well. Did you find it hard to take a photo a day? I know I did!

    1. Thanks for commenting Dannielle! I did find it quite hard this time because I wanted to take all the shots on my DSLR in manual mode and it's such a dark time of year ~ hard to get out and about and be inspired when much of the day is in the office. I managed 365 photos back in 2010, which was in some ways easier because I swapped between using my phone camera and my DSLR. Look out for Part 3, hopefully I'll get some more taken this weekend : )


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