Being More with Less

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

One of my key words for 2014 is less...

In order to make some positive changes in my life, and taking inspiration from several blogs that I regularly read about simplicity and minimalism (see below for links), I've been working with the idea of re-balancing, by reducing some things as I increase others.

So far this has meant:

~ buying fewer things, instead using what I already have
~ changing my morning routine so I can have a little extra sleep

~ cutting down on refined sugar & fructose and drinking more water
~ keeping a daily gratitude diary using
this app
~ consuming less & recycling more
~ switching to ebooks where possible

~ taking a regular lunchbreak at work and using it to read, read, read
~ spending less time doing things in the house, and more time connecting with the people 

   I love
~ stressing less & having faith that things will turn out as they should

It's a gradual process, but I'm beginning to feel the benefits. I'm saving more money, I have more energy and I feel less stressed. I'm beginning to enjoy being rather than doing, learning to accept that this doesn't mean I will be any less successful or unable to achieve goals, for example at work. It's a win-win situation so far!

Would you like to be more with less? Do you have any tips for me in my quest to simplify?

Useful links:


  1. I agree with your list... I'm also thinking about stop blogging and visiting social media... Maybe you want to visit my blog... www.iambelmarceltres.blogspot .com

    1. Hola Irene
      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment : ) I've had a look at your blogs and they are great, I think you should definitely continue!

  2. Sounds like all really good changes. I should really start practising my intention of 'enough'.

    1. Yes, 'enough' is an underrated concept in today's world I think! I've managed to more or less stick to the changes listed, but I have stopped the gratitude journal as it became a chore, which rather defeats the point (something I think you yourself have mentioned on this subject in the past?)


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