Favourite Photo Editing Apps

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

I've come across a few iPhone apps recently which have grabbed my attention and I've been enjoying playing around with. They're all based on fairly simple ideas, but you can create some startling effects with them. Here are a few examples using photos I've taken, some with my DSLR, some with my phone.

Superimposes one photo onto another. There's a range of filters you can apply to create your finished effect.

Transforms a photo into a watercolour painting. There's a choice of styles. I talked previously about this app here.

More Beaute
Softens and blurs lines. You control how far you want to go. I'm using my palm here as an example, rather than my own face!!

Free (lite version)
Pretties up photos using bokeh light effects. You choose placement, size, colour and opacity.

Do you have any more recommendations for me? Any apps you've found recently which you love?


  1. I tried the Diana app but it leaves a watermark. Did you get rid of that on the free version?

    1. I got the free version and have never seen a watermark - the examples above are as they were produced by the free version. How strange that you got a watermark!


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