Preparing for Outdoor Living

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Time is zipping by. May will soon turn into June and before we know it summer will be upon us.

When you live in a smallish place any outside space works as an extra room, so I'm really glad we're rapidly approaching expansion time again.

I've been getting prepared early this year. The hooks for my new Colombian hammock went up in January(!), a new lawn has been laid after the block paving work finished off the previous one at the end of last year. I've planted up my pots and hanging baskets and the tomato seedlings are coming along nicely on the kitchen windowsill. We even had a tentative first barbecue at the weekend. Ok, so we had to duck a few raindrops and we ate inside, but it was kind of fun!

While we wait for the mercury to rise, I've been getting some inspiration online (hello Pinterest!). Here are a few of my favourite garden room picks to get you in the mood for summer - enjoy!

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  1. Love those big cushions. I can't wait for the summer - this year we'll have an actual garden. It's awesome!

    1. Aren't they fab?! I love having a garden, let's hope the London weather is kind this summer...


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