Photo Meditations ~ Week 2

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

This week was all about colour, texture, pattern & light.

Two of the mantras we've learnt are "What is the light doing?" and "If you see red, shoot it!".

It's again been fantastic to see what others in the group have been posting on Flickr and how they have been working with and interpreting the themes. I'm learning so much!

I was especially stoked that my photo of a red geranium flower (see below) was selected by Flickr Explore this week!

So here are my shots from week 2...

See what happened in Week 1 here.


  1. What lovely news about your geranium picture! I particularly live the top shot here...

    1. Thank you Ailsa! I took the top picture on my local high street. I'd never noticed the sign before and I've lived in the area for years now ~ what better proof that the course is really opening up my eyes?! : )


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