Photo Meditations ~ Week 4

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

For me this was the most challenging week so far! We were asked to turn the camera on ourselves and take self portraits. There were three areas to think about: feelings, reflections and non-facial shots.

I struggled at first to think about how I was going to achieve this, but after playing around with my camera I managed to come up with a few ideas, which interestingly often ended up becoming quite different to the ones I'd originally had.

I'm actually quite chuffed with these shots, especially as I'm not really one for selfies! I guess that's something to think about and perhaps I'll start doing a bit more work like this... What do you think?

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  1. Self-portraits can be lots of fun and all those you show here are really lovely. They show many different facets of your personality. I really like the romanticism of the fifth capture and you really got the lights in your eyes so well. The last one is really good as well and the way you just caught your drop earring in the foreground.

    1. Thank you for commenting Sandra : ) To be honest I was a bit nervous about taking the shots. Usually 'good' self portraits have happened for me unintentionally ~ it's a bit harder to get something you're happy with when you're actively trying to!!


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