Photo Meditations ~ Week 5

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The final week of the course encouraged us to bring together everything that we had learnt and think about using our photos to tell stories. One way of doing this is to group together shots from a place or event to give a feel of who, when, where, what, why.

Here's a little collection I put together, based around a trip to our local street market that takes place on the first Sunday of every month.

I really like this concept and can't wait to experiment with it more, especially using editing filters to bring a feeling of connection to the shots.

Photo Meditations has really made me think hard about my photography, get remotivated and consider different ways of approaching taking pictures.

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  1. So nice to see your montage, Claire. I really love doing them too and have just posted my second one! I love the summery feeling to yours and the outdoor festivities. I don't know how you use editing filters to connect the shots, but it looks good. I'm not sure I even have that option on my editing programme!

    1. Sandra I use a free programme called Gimp, which has lots of filter options. I wrote about it, with example pictures, here:

      I haven't played with filters for some time now, but the Photo Meditations course got me back to thinking about them and I remembered how much fun they can be!


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