#1day12pics September

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Saturday was this month's #1day12pics, set up by the lovely Michelle and Emma.
It was a just a regular chilled Saturday in our house, I never seem to be up to anything exciting on the challenge days! Here are the pictures I took...

:: 9am Jade ::

This beautiful faces greets me every morning, hungry for her breakfast. Love this girl, can you believe she's 20?

:: 10am Apples ::

This is the biggest harvest we've picked so far from our little apple tree. We've had it several years now and it's taken a while to get established. It may only look like a few apples, but it's enough for a crumble!

:: 11am Wildflowers ::

Our brand new local health & leisure centre opened recently so we went to check it out. Loving the wildflower meadow out the front, now turning gloriously autumnal

:: 12pm Bread ::

Lunch was mushroom soup with oven-hot ciabatta bread. The plates came to me from my grandparents

:: 1pm Saturday Papers ::

We are weekend paper fiends, I loved getting stuck into this lot!

:: 2pm All the Yellows ::

The sun made a fleeting appearance in the afternoon, but I'm hanging on to summer for as long as I can with these pretty flowers

:: 3pm Recipe Browsing ::

With apple crumble in mind, I flicked through some recipes looking for a gluten-free, chunky topping. This one's from Gwyneth Paltrow's It's All Good

:: 4pm Afternoon Snack ::

Toasted flaked almonds ~ I can't get enough of these babies!

:: 5pm Peeling Apples ::

Getting started on those apples for my crumble...

:: 6pm Rice Flour ::

I'd never used this before, so it was a bit of an experiment. And as we all know sometimes experiments work, sometimes they don't ~ hmm...

:: 7pm Sunset ::

I popped my head out of the back door once the crumble was in the oven. Pretty glad I did!

:: 8pm Apple & Blackberry Crumble ::

And so it was... Apples from our garden and blackberries from the hedgerow in front of Mum & Dad's house, served up with creamy vanilla yogurt. The rice flour worked well, the topping was crunchy and delicious ~ I'll post the recipe soon!

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  1. I just threw out a bag of rice flour as I was convinced I was never going to use it. I should have held on for the recipe! :-)

    1. Ha, yes Clare, a few people have told me similar stories! Must make sure I experiment more and use up this bag. I'll be posting the recipe next week : )


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