5 ways to stay sane during busy or stressful times

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Things are getting pretty full-on around here at the moment. I have a busy couple of weeks leading up to an important inspection at work, and we've just embarked on a personal project which is going to take up a lot of mental and physical energy in the next few months (I'll elaborate more when things have progressed a little further). On top of all this we have a holiday to Spain to plan ~ usually I would really be looking forward to this, but with everything else it feels more like a bit of a weight at the moment.

I've been through these kind of periods before ~ as I'm sure you have ~ so this time I want to make sure I keep things in check and don't end up a burnt out wreck, getting sick the moment I step onto the plane for our trip next month. Here are a few ideas I've been having...

1. Rest
It's easy to start burning the candle at both ends, thinking that it's going to help you keep your head above water, but sometimes it's better to stop and rest properly so that you can give it 100% again the next day, rather than feeling your productivity gradually dropping off each day that you wake up feeling rubbish.

2. Nourish
Endless supplies of sugar and caffeine aren't going to do you any favours when you need to keep on top of your game for extended periods of time. I'll be turning to superfoods to keep healthy and fuelled up: this green juice is a game-changer!

3. Balance
Divide up the time you spend on different things. That way you'll keep motivated and the quality of what you're doing will be better. It's all too easy to get obsessed with one thing, which leads to staying up late ruminating about things that you can't do anything about until the morning. I'm going to try to set aside specific times to work on different things in the hope that by doing a little bit on everything rather than finishing one thing completely before moving on to the next will keep the panic at bay. Hard for completed-finisher types like me!

4. Switch off
This has never been my strong point and once I get into overdrive mode frankly there's no hope. Now that I'm running regularly I'm hoping this will help as I find it forces you to have some headspace ~ even if your mind's in overdrive, your body has to match it and you can't do anything else but run!

5. Be kind...
Finally I know I need to cut myself some slack. I've learnt over the years that one way or another things turn out ok in the end. As the saying goes 'Everything will be ok in the end, and if it's not ok, it's not the end'.

How do you stay sane during busy, pressured times? And whether you do or don't, can you recommend me any good hotels in Seville, Córdoba and Granada?!


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