Weekend Picks

Friday, 26 September 2014

It's been an up & downy kind of week for me, but when I saw this cloud feather in the sky one evening, I knew I was back on track!
Links for your weekend ~

: : Shoot
This is a fun project, although not all of it appeals to my vegetarian sensibilities I must admit! Documenting dinner around the world

: : Wander
I've already ticked a few of these must-see places in South America off, but there are plenty more still on my bucket list!

: : Nourish
The change in seasons is encouraging me to get making these delicious-looking Blueberry Apple Muffins. As a bonus they're also wheat, sugar & dairy-free!

: : Nest
My obsession has been fed this week by this beautiful porch.

: : Inspire
Loving these 5 ways to happy!

Enjoy the weekend, whatever you're up to.
We'll be getting started on quite a big project...


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