Sevillian Street Art

Thursday, 30 October 2014

I knew we were going to see some beautiful sights in Seville ~ the Alcazar was absolutely beautiful ~ but what I hadn't expected was to see so much interesting and stylish street art.

It seems that the Spanish love their graffiti, but the Sevillians take it to another level ~ a lot of the work we saw was incredibly detailed and clever. Someone is trying to give Banksy a run for his money, I think!

This was my favourite, such fun!

A 2-metre high doorway painted as a old Spanish postage stamp

Our Sunday morning stroll along the river ~ fishermen against a backdrop of colourful walls 

I loved Top Cat as a child so this one delighted me!

I keep thinking about signing up for one of the street art walking tours on offer in London ~ Seville has inspired me to actually do it!


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