Weekend Picks

Friday, 3 October 2014

Well, I've been charging around town this week like a mad thing! Exciting times, but so, so busy. I haven't been able to get onto Instagram much as all, but I've managing to squeeze in a bit of online reading ...

: : Shoot
Love these beautiful and usual photos of St Paul's Cathedral

: : Wander
We're hoping to get back to Cartagena this Christmas when we're in Colombia ~ did you know it's a World Heritage Sight?

: : Nourish
Interesting reading about the health benefits of turmeric ~ who knew?

: : Nest
Obsessing over this light-filled home ~ wow!

: : Inspire
In the midst of all the madness I'm keeping in mind these 15 ways to be a good human!

Have a brilliant weekend.
We've got a packed schedule ~ I'll reveal more when I can!


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