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Friday, 17 October 2014

Oo, la, la - I'm on serious holiday countdown now! It looks like the weather is going to be kind to us and I'm sure looking forward to exploring Spanish food ~ keep an eye on my Instagram feed!

I'll be taking a break from the blog next week, but I can't leave you without a few nice links to read over the weekend...

: : Shoot
If you're struggling to get to grips with the manual settings on your camera, or if you could just do with a refresh, check out this cheat sheet to getting control over your camera

: : Wander
I can cross off 6 of these 28 amazing places to visit in the world, so there's still plenty to see!

: : Nourish
Get seasonal with these pumpkin oatmeal anytime squares

: : Nest
Fill the dark evenings with crafty pursuits, starting with these fun DIY terracotta air fresheners

: : Inspire
10 mantras to help you live the life of your dreams

Enjoy your weekend. Catch you back here in a week or so!


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