3 Simple Rules for Decluttering your Space

Thursday, 27 November 2014

I've been having a big clear-out at home over the past few weeks. It's hard work, but always good for the soul I find.  An added bonus is inevitably 'rediscovering' something that can be put back into good use.

This time I've been pretty ruthless, adopting a 'use it or lose it' mantra. There's been a few trips to the recycling centre and I've resurrected some clothes which I'd even forgotten I had ~ the ultimate bargain!

It appears I have a slight obsession with hanging on to 'useful' containers for keeping stuff in. Except they don't have any stuff in them, they just take up cupboard space... I managed to put a few to good use and dumped the rest.

Another moment of shame was realising that I had squirreled away nearly 20 glass ramekins (you know the free ones you sometimes get when you buy a pair of fancy desserts?). I know. I guess I thought I 'might' need them at some point for all those dinner parties I never hold(!). In reality each time I acquired some more I didn't check in the cupboard if I needed any extras and in fact can't remember the last time I made anything which needed a ramekin! I've kept a set of 6 and recycled the rest. Now I've challenged myself to make something (for 6 people!!) involving ramekins to justify their existence in my kitchen cupboards!

Things are feeling a lot lighter round these parts now and I feel ready for the next part of our big project ~ which I hope to be able to finally reveal here in the next week or so.

Here are the top tips that I've picked up and finally put into practice during this clear-out:

3 Simple Rules for Decluttering your Space

1. Take an organised approach
I went through the flat on a room by room basis, making sure I 'finished' each area before moving on to the next ~ by that I mean putting things that you're keeping back in their places and getting the stuff you're doing away with out of the room/flat/house to the bin, recycling centre, charity shop etc.

2. Don't try and do it all in one go
No matter how keen you're feeling, just do a little bit at a time. Otherwise you'll burn out, your willpower for getting rid of things will weaken and you'll finish with a messy space that makes you feel tired and stressed.

3. Divide & conquer
I use a 3 or 4 pile approach:
* keep
* keep & repurpose somewhere else in your home
* throw away
* recycle / give to someone else / EBay / charity shop

Once you've finished an area, move each pile to its new place as soon as you can. This minimises the changes of you having a change of heart later on!

This is what worked for me. Can you add to my top tips? How do you keep clutter-creep from taking over your life?

And remember ~ most importantly ~ after you've slimmed your stuff down, consider how you're going to stop it all building back up again...



  1. I love your blue pots! I've been decluttering the whole year - it's a very long process. Clothes are fairly easy but I have masses of crafting materials that I need to part with!

    1. I know what you mean Sandra! Why do we hang on to things we rarely use?


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