Courtyards of Viana

Thursday, 13 November 2014

In Spain I fell in love with every single one of the many courtyard gardens we saw. These lovely sunny, private spaces, filled with greenery and flowers, spoke to my camera and filled me with inspiration for my next garden project...

Palacio Viana in Cordoba was especially beautiful. More than half of this 15th century stately home is made up of courtyards and gardens, twelve in total.

The courtyards have been continually extended and renovated over five centuries and take their influence from the Romans and the Arabs, who left their mark on Cordoba.

The brick and tile work here is wonderful...

Everywhere we walked the air was heavy with the scent of jasmine. Other flowers I enjoyed were plumbago (below) bougainvillea and lilies.

There were plenty of fruit trees too: orange, lemon, lime and, excitingly, pomegranate ~ I'd never seen a tree with the fruit on before!

The colours and patterns of doors and windows were inspiring...


There were plenty of Pinterest-working ideas to be picked up!

I hope you enjoyed these pictures, I'll be posting some more soon from the Alcazar in Seville ~ the mother of all courtyard gardens!

For more information on the Viana Courtyards click here


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