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Friday, 21 November 2014

It's been a getting stuff done kind of week around these parts. I've been having a big clear-out at home ~ 'use it or lose it' is my new motto!

This is the last semi-chilled weekend we have before things crank up in the run-up to Christmas. We're planning a quiet couple of days, including a relaxed meal out with friends on Saturday evening.
Check out these links if you need a little inspiration this weekend...

: : Shoot
These photos of dogs flying through the air made me giggle!

: : Wander
I'm liking this run-down of 8 things to do in London this winter. I still haven't had tea at The Ritz!

: : Nourish
Festive food is on the way: check out these veggie sausage rolls ~ yum!

: : Nest
This minimalist Tokyo loft is the perfect antidote to Christmas decoration madness...

: : Inspire
Already thinking ahead to the New Year? These 7 small steps for simplifying your life might come in handy

Have a great weekend ~ see you back here next week!


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