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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

We spent the weekend in lovely Gloucestershire with my family ~ our little pre-Christmas get-together as Mr DI & I are going to be in Colombia for the holidays this year.

So for the first time in ages, I had a lot of nice things to take pictures of for this month's #1day12pics challenge!

1:: Painswick

This is the view from Mum & Dad's house. A bit frosty here!

2:: Toy Dresser

My Dad bought this for me when I was a child, I think on a business trip to Austria. I thought it was quite dull when I was younger, but now I love it and it sits in the room I stay in when we visit my parents.

3:: Chocolate Log Cake

My Mum's chocolate log cake is legendary and one of Mr DI's favourite things about Christmas here in the UK. It's a recipe she got from her mother, which she makes in October to allow the fruit cake enough time to mature.

4:: Frosty Leaves

We went for a walk in the afternoon. At this time of year the sun doesn't rise too far over the hills on each side of the valley so frost can linger for days...

5:: Golden Woods

Winter sun reflecting on the trees as we walked through the woods...

6:: Painswick Beacon

This was our destination: an Iron Age hill fort with incredible views right over to Wales

7:: Holly

We saw a lot of holly with berries, which is pretty unusual. Perhaps it's the warm autumn we had this year?

8:: Mince Pies

Post walk refuelling!

9:: Celebration

Toasting our new house with a glass of Prosecco!

10:: Early Christmas Dinner

Candles, crackers and all!

11:: Advent Candle

We burn the candle a little each night throughout the weeks leading up to Christmas...

12:: And...relax!

Bunny slippers and the papers ~ bliss!

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