My Life in One Room

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

So it's happening this week. The big move. 17 years of my life is boxed up in one room and will soon be heading from my lovely one-bed flat to an even lovelier house. With stairs. And guest rooms. It sends a shiver down my spine just saying that!

It's a funny old time, very busy and a bit emotional. I'm so excited about the new place, but at the same time a little sad to be leaving my flat. So much of my adult life has played out there, good times and bad (mostly good!), and although it'll still be mine (I've not sold, but will be renting it out) I know I'm never likely to live there again.

This move has also made me think a lot about all those years ago when I first moved to the flat: riding down from north London in the van with the removal guys; Mum & I sitting on the floor in the empty living room eating takeaway after cleaning the carpets and hanging curtains, inherited from my grandparents. I was so young! It all seems a lifetime ago now.

These last few days I've moved into a series of 'lasts': last Sunday at the flat, last yoga class at my current gym, last Monday morning taking my regular train from the nearby station... When I mentioned this to a close friend, she reminded me that next will come a series of 'firsts'. How true! How exciting! Very grateful that this little thought was brought to my attention.

The packing's almost done, just a bit left in the kitchen to do, and everything's been moved to the living room, ready for the removal guys, coming on Saturday morning. I've got a little helper of course!

Although exhausting, it's been quite a liberating experience, moving things from their well-wore places in the flat and into boxes. I've seen everything I own over the last week. It's weird how much of a sense of clarity this brings. I had a big clear out towards the end of last year so the junk factor is minimal. There are a few things I'd still like to get rid of, that were hidden away in cupboards, but at least I remember them now and can decide what to do with them as I unpack.

I think it's going to be really freeing seeing the van pull away on Saturday and knowing that all my stuff is in one small space. It helps of course not having much furniture (we're leaving behind a lot of built-in storage) nor any appliances (the new house has a fitted kitchen and my tenants will need the fridge, washing machine & so on).

Over the last few years I've become interested in the concept of being more with less, and this is an intention I'll be bringing with me to our new place. There may be more space, but I don't want to fill it all up with more stuff. Sure, they'll be a few new things and it will be such fun picking out the furnishings. But above all, I want to create a space for sharing with the people I love, for living, experiencing and simply being. It's going to be great ♥

Take a tour of the flat here. House tour coming sooooon!



  1. You've probably already moved but wishing you luck in the unpacking at least. And lots of light, love and dreams in your new home.

    1. Thank you Michelle! We moved on Saturday ~ loving it so far : )


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